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I find that immediately after a trip it’s fun reviewing our adventures by compiling our best pictures and video bits into a (no more than) 15 minute travelogue.

I remember from when I was a kid we’d go over to our parent’s friend’s house to see their slides. After a few minutes my father would be asleep.  I’ve come to believe that 15 minutes or so is all you can ask of someone who didn’t directly participate in the experience to watch. It forces me to edit carefully, paying attention to what might interest “the casual observer.” Here are a few samples …

Tanzania – People and Places

Videos and pictures of the people and places we visited on our Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) trip to Tanzania and Rwanda. The national parks, safari part of our trip is presented in another video.
Amazon River Adventure

This video describes a one week Amazon River cruise, beginning and ending in Iquitos, Peru. We had the opportunity to explore the landlocked city of Iquitos, visit the floating city of Belin, observe the operation of a sugar cane liquor distillery in Porvenir, visit a Shamana in San Regis, go for jungle walks and observe wildlife and scenery.

Cappadocia to Ankara, Turkey, 2012

Describes through pictures and video clips our trip from Cappadocia to Ankara and the various touristic points in between.

I’ve uploaded all of these to one of my YouTube channels. You can see the playlist HERE.