This series, now on YouTube,  uses the videos I developed for a “distance education” cable TV, prealgebra course.

With the advent of internet-based classes, the college I worked for has long since stopped using them. I worked very hard to produce them and would hate to see them go totally to waste. I’ve broken up the 30 hours of instruction into shorter, mostly single topic modules making it easy to find specifically what you’d like to review.

Here are a couple of examples:

Please go to my playlist, Dan’s Prealgebra Review, to see the programs listed in order.

Here are a few of the math course’s PowerPoint slides. Contact me if you would like access to all 60 PPT’s .

To run the slideshow of these posts  click on the crossed arrows on the lower right of the bar below each ppt graphic. They are in the older ppt format and might need some updating.

If you are an educator and would like a copy of the PowerPoint presentations used in the videos send me a private message through your institution,s email address for you.