2CV Art Car

“Peaceable Kingdom,” a 1967 Citroën 2CV “art car” restored.

citroen-top-view3I bought the car about 8 years ago from a French guy with a collection of Citroën cars who was leaving the Country and had to sell them off. (I wish I had enough money to buy them all.)

He told me that he acquired the car from Barbara Falk, the artist responsible for the drawings. I found her through Google. We have since become good friends.  Barbara told me that while living in New England, she ordered a yellow 2CV. She received a basic grey one instead. One day while passing a paint store she saw a sale on small cans of bright enamel paints and decided to decorate the car herself. Others, she told me, saw the car and encouraged her art work. Barbara described this as the beginning of her art career.


farawaycarAmong other things, she has written and illustrated several children’s books including one based on this one called, “The Faraway Car.” It’s available through Amazon HERE. You can find a complete list of her childrens’ books HERE.

When I got the car it was in very neglected condition.  I fixed the speedometer, brakes, repaired the clutch assembly, bought a new top, etc. I redid the interior completely. The green seats are kid’s TV seats from Target. My brother gave me the green rugs with the embedded mirrors. Also the grey areas of the car were discolored with rust and gunk. I cleaned them up as best I could then covered that with a coat of clear stuff to preserve the paintings.

It’s listed as a ’58 based on the registration, but there seems to be bits of other models on it as well. I think that the present 600 cc engine is matched to an earlier transmission. It puts me in mind of the Johnny Cash song, “One Piece at a Time.” Barbara tells me that it’s actually a ’67. My guess is that it’s possible that the guy I bought it from (who got it from Barbara) put the body on a different chassis.

YouTube video of the car in motion …

I made no attempt to restore the car to like new condition. My primary purpose was to keep it moving. Whenever I drive it, my cell phone goes along just in case. To give you the idea, I had one of the students from my time teaching in China as a house guest. I asked him to help me replace the clutch throw-out bearing. As we both laid under the car, he turned to me and said, very seriously, “You should throw this out.”


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