"electrons deify one razorblade into a mountain range"

E.E. Cummings


I am seeking creative, open-ended volunteer opportunities that draw upon my  various skills.


This series, now on YouTube,  uses the videos I developed for a “distance education” cable TV, prealgebra course.

Workshops in China

Summer teacher training workshops for the Shunde District, Guangdong Province, PRC.

LiveCode Development

“Livecode.”a programming language based upon the metaphor of Macintosh’s HyperCard.

Videos –
Mostly Travel

I find that immediately after a trip it’s fun reviewing our adventures by compiling our best pictures and video bits into a (no more than) 15 minute travelogue.

Cars –
The Laser 917

A Laser 917 kit car upgraded with many extras
including a flame thrower
and a “taser” hood ornament.